Let’s Play Dress Up! Costume Culture In New Orleans

One of the things that is so magic about New Orleans is our love of costuming and make believe. Here you can be anything you want to be and no one will bat an eye. Whether it’s Mardi Gras, Halloween, one of our many festivals or any other day of the week here you are free to play dress up and these are some prime spots for you to indulge in creative expression with your krewe.

FiFi Mahoney’s –

934  Royal St. New Orleans, La
(504) 525-4343

New Orleans premier spot for wigs, headpieces, make-up and bling. They even do makeovers and salon services to get extra fabulous for your ladies night out.

Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture

1010 Conti Street, New Orleans, La.
(504) 218-4872

The place to be to take in all things Mardi Gras. There are exhibits, event functions and a costume closet where you and your friends can try on an array of looks and take selfies to take your fabulousity virtual.

The New Orleans Costume Center

2716 Royal Street New Orleans, La
(504) 430-2493

Everything that you need to build a fabulous costume for your special event. Fabrics, notions and even a designer on staff to inspire and create the look that you want to stand out from the crowd.